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A symbol says more than a thousand words. Then what about a part of the world that’s bursting with all kinds of symbols, icons, emblems and imagery on so many different levels? The words needed to cover such a vast treasure would be innumerable.

Imagine, hundreds of icons to analyse, to observe and to write about, every single one of them a window into the societies, cultures and religions of the Middle-East and North Africa. Every single one of them featuring a backstory, a piece of history and a deeper meaning that connects people, draws them together. The goal of this site is to create a library of symbols, to attain an orderly and clear overview. and to expand on existing content. I hope this website may serve as a reference for everyone interested in symbolism, history, religion and the MENA region. For those who’re only interested in pictures and images, they’re always welcome to visit my Pinterest page as well.

You are welcome to contact me if you’ve questions, remarks, something to show me related to my content or the need for a polite discussion about my work.

My email address: menasymbolism@outlook.com


Omer Sayadi (*1993) is a former student of the Catholic University of Leuven with a special love for the Middle East, North Africa and the Muslim World. After receiving his Master’s degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, his professional work included translation, development and research regarding the region. He occasionally writes on historical and contemporary issues such as Islam in Europe and migration, and started MENA Symbolism as a means of combining everything history, politics, symbolism and society in one place.