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I’m very pleased to welcome you on this website.

A symbol says more than a thousand words. Then what about a part of the world that’s bursting with all kinds of symbols, icons, emblems and imagery on so many different levels? The words needed to cover such a vast treasure would be innumerable. That’s why I started a Twitter account to talk about the symbols of the Middle-East and North Africa, MENA symbolism, a name I felt was the most accurate to call my area of interest, as I write about the symbols originating from that area.

Imagine, hundreds of icons to analyse, to observe and to write about, every single one of them a window into the societies, cultures and religions of the Middle-East and North Africa. Every single one of them featuring a backstory, a piece of history and a deeper meaning that connects people, draws them together. Of course, a Twitter profile full of images and observations might become a bit disordered. The goal of this site is to create a library of the symbols that are featured on my Twitter, to attain an orderly and clear overview. I hope this website may serve as a reference for everyone interested in symbolism, history, religion and the MENA region. For those who’re just interested in pictures and images, they’re always welcome to visit my Pinterest page.

I also analyze old lost and found coins. You can always check that thread out. You are welcome to contact me if you’ve questions, remarks or the need for a polite discussion about the contents of this website. If you’ve found a lost coin and you think it might be traced back to the Hellenistic, Roman or (pre-)Islamic world, you’d make me a happy man by sharing your little treasure and analyzing it together.

My email address: menasymbolism@outlook.com


I received my Master’s degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven in 2015, after which I worked as a translator and with unaccompanied minor refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. I currently accompany non-Dutch speaking Belgians and newcomers in their quest to learn the language. At times, I write as a columnist on immigration, Islam in Europe and extremism. I’m from a mixed Lebanese-Belgian origin, and fluent in French, Dutch, English and Arabic. I always had a soft spot for everything history, religion and society, especially the Middle-East and North Africa. In symbolism, I found something that combines all three of these subjects. Needless to say, I’m having one hell of a time with this site!

Omer Sayadi