It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the extensive research actually needed to describe and contextualize the ever-growing amount of symbols featured on this website yields several facts and insights not necessarily at place in a piece on a certain symbol. In order to accommodate and organize such information in a clear and accessible fashion, why not process them in a series of columns of my own making? I’m walking these virtual realms longer than expected, my expectations vastly exceeded thanks to a select group of interested and supportive readers and followers.

To personalize things a bit more, other than the about section, it should prove a useful exercise to randomly drift away from my focus on symbols and to muse on concepts and ideas related to, but not limited by, the boundaries of that area. I wrote several columns in the past for Mondiaal Nieuws, a Belgian alternative news magazine with a special focus on globalization. Some of these will undoubtedly prove to be relevant for this website and its readers, so I’ll translate them to the English language, reminiscing on some of my older writings. For other subjects, a direct insight into my mind without the limits one might encounter when publishing for an established organization might prove more useful. You can check out all these longreads by clicking on the menu in the top right corner, then select which piece you would like to read.