A comparative study between the Islamic State and the Prophet Muḥammad with regard to the application of the ḥudūd

In 2015, the year I received my Master’s Degree at the K.U. Leuven – Faculty of Arts for my completion of the Arabic and Islamic Studies programme, we were asked by my professor, John Nawas, to write a book. Not just any book, but a compendium of detailed chapters seeking to analyse some of the Islamic State’s policies through the sunna of the Prophet Muḥammad. I chose to lead the research on the subject of ḥudūd, and made a short comparative study between the Islamic State and the earliest Muslim community. I didn’t get around translating it yet, but I’m sure it will serve Dutch readers with an interesting insight in the internal processes of Islamic laws of war and a further refutation of the Islamic State’s problematic religious justifications of their actions.


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De regelgeving betreffende de toepassing van de ḥudūd binnen het islamitisch oorlogsrecht





Note: I removed the surname of the person that assisted me writing this chapter for private reasons, as well as the names of the authors of the next chapter that were stil visible in this pdf.